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Schnauzer Wall Calendar 2024

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Celebrate the unique charm of Schnauzers all year round with our 2024 Schnauzer Wall Calendar. Each month features a beautifully captured, high-quality image of these distinct and spirited dogs, making it a perfect addition for Schnauzer admirers and dog enthusiasts alike.


  • Sizes: Choose from the classic 11" x 8.5" size with a matte finish, or the larger 14" x 11.5" size with a glossy finish for more visual impact.
  • Paper Quality: Printed on durable, high-grade paper.
  • Binding: Comes with a user-friendly spiral binding for easy flipping.
  • Writable Grid: Each month includes a matte grid for jotting down important dates and notes.
  • Hanging Feature: Designed with a centered hole for easy and secure hanging.

This Schnauzer Wall Calendar 2024 isn't just a way to track dates; it's a daily celebration of the distinctive and lively Schnauzer breed, adding a touch of character and joy to your everyday environment.