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Furberry Leash and Bowtie Collar

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$19.98 USD

Our Furberry Leash and Bowtie Collar is set of a leash and a bowtie collar is available in three sizes, so the “pretty hurts” parole doesn’t stand here. Comfort is guaranteed.

Size info

Bow Tie Collar Size:

 S:     width: 1.3cm ;            length:32cm (adjustable from 22cm to 28cm)

 M:    width: 1.3cm ;           length:42cm (adjustable from 32cm to 38cm  )

 L:     width: 1.5cm ;           length:47cm (adjustable from 37cm to 43cm  )


Dog Leash Size:

 S:        width:1.3cm  (0.5″)         length:120cm  (47.2″)

 M:       width:1.3cm  (0.5″)        length:120cm   (  47.2″  )

 L:         width:1.3cm  (0.5″)        length:120cm   (  47.2″  )

NECK: Measure around your Dog’s neck, allowing room for comfortable fit.