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8 in 1 Pet Vacuum Tools

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Material: Plastic, Mental+ABS

Voltage: 220-240V/110V~

Noise: 0-75dB

Suction: 11000Pa

Net Weight: 2.5kg

Type: Pet Cleaning & Grooming Products

Accessories: Comb Brush Trimmer Nozzle etc


S1 Pro Professional 8 in 1 Pet Dog Grooming Vacuum Tools:

Neakasa S1 8 in 1 Pet Grooming Kit





Suction :


Hair collector :



Power :


Gross weight :



Material :


Carton size:




Clipper, Brush, Comb, Nozzle ,Nail grander, Paw trimmer


Feature :

Pet vacuum Groom Kit


Meet All Needs of Pet Hair - 8-in-1 Machine

The Neakasa S1 Pro is a versatile pet grooming vacuum kit that combines the functions of a vacuum cleaner, de-shedder, trimmer,and house cleaning tool in one, helping you maintain your furry friend's fur health while creating a comfortable and fur-free living environment.

0dB Noise Grooming

Experience the tranquility of grooming time with our revolutionary one-click suction system. The fan remains silent during pet grooming, activating only when you press the hair suction button, ensuring your furry friend enjoys a noise free grooming  session.

Grooming Brush

The multifunctional grooming brush is the perfect tool for keeping your pet's coat looking great, which is grooming and vacuuming

at once.

Dematting Brush

There is a hidden sharp blade inside the dematting brush, which can quickly cut through the tangles and is safe and does not hurt the skin.

Deshedding Brush

The dematting brush contains a hidden sharp blade that efficiently cuts through tangles without harming the skin, ensuring safety.

3L Larger Dust Box

The 3L dust box can accommodate the hair of a large dog in one go, allowing you to clean for extended periods without the need for frequent emptying. Its generous capacity makes it an ideal choice for multi-pet households.

Maximized Dust Collection Performance

The powerful centrifugal force, combined with the high-quality motor in the air duct system, delivers rapid and robust suction, greatly increasing the dustbin's capacity by compressing pet hair and improving vacuum efficiency without any issues of hair getting stuck.

Multi-layer Filtration System

After conducting Neakasa laboratory dust testing, we have ultimately opted for a 3-layer HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) protection filtration system, which theoretically can accurately intercept at least 99.7% of particles as small as 0.3 micrometers (µm), to strictly prevent secondary pollution.

The Features with Our Innovation

Environmental Practice

We use eco-friendly cartons that are reusable. With just a few steps, you can create a paradise for your pets.

Suction Mode Memorable

There are three modes to choose. It can remember the daily choices you and your pet use to simplify the operation.

Suitable for Any Home Decoration Styles

Minimalist style, contrasting colors, and every curve has been repeatedly considered. The modern style design of S1 Pro makes it easy to perfectly integrate into your home decoration.